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Step Forward for Jacari

Join our spring fundraising challenge and step forward for young people who use English as an Additional Language who are struggling at school. Refugee, asylum-seeking and migrant children are arriving in the UK and going straight into schools with little or no English language. They struggle to settle-in, understand their teachers or take part in lessons. Many of these young people have fled conflict and experienced trauma and arrived in the UK with few possessions and live in temporary, crowded accommodation. Having a stable school life is so vital, somewhere they can feel secure and valued and have some sense of normality. But they need to quickly learn English language skills to start with.

Help us raise funds to provide essential tutoring for refugee, asylum-seeking and migrant children by completing a set number of steps in the month of May. 

A Jacari student volunteer and pupil learning English in a school classroom

By raising funds for Jacari, you'll be helping us match these children with a volunteer tutor, who will visit them at school or in their home every week during term-time, providing them with fun, informal tutoring and building their confidence.


How do I take part?

This May, we're asking you to complete a set number of steps. It is entirely your choice how many steps you aim for and how you do them. You can walk, run, dance and do housework - it all counts!

Here are some suggested step targets to complete over the month of May:

150,000 steps (about 5000 per day)

300,000 steps (about 10,000 per day)

450,000 steps (about 15,000 per day)

600,000 steps (about 20,000 per day)

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to build up your steps - doing just a 20 minute walk adds up to more than 2000 steps! We recommend picking something that is more than you would usually do to make it a challenge, but also be realistic about what you can achieve in the month. We want everyone to be able to take part, so if you prefer a lower target, don't be put off.

Use a smart watch, mobile phone app (for example the NHS Active 10 appor pedometer to track how many steps you do every day. We've created this handy step tracking sheet where you can record your daily steps and it gives you the total for May. 

Set up a fundraising page

We recommend setting up a personal fundraising page on Just Giving. You can add your own story and information then share your page with your friends, family and contacts to ask for donations. You can add updates on how you're progressing with the challenge and photos of you doing activities to inspire them to support you.

Don't forget to include your target number of steps on your Just Giving fundraising page - you can edit the text in the "story" section to include this. You can also connect your fundraising page to Strava or Fitbit to record your steps and show your progress on your page.

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