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By joining Jacari—either as a volunteer, school, pupil, or family—you become part of a community in which everyone supports and helps each other.


Below are some organisations through which parents and carers can get support in learning English or other matters. Click on the names in orange for more information!

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Classes​


City of Bristol College

  • Runs a wide range of courses including ESOL ones at sites across the city


Bristol Learning Communities Team

  • Runs a range of courses including ESOL and Maths/English ones in community venues across Bristol



  • Runs ESOL courses in the city centre at St. Pauls


ESOL Conversation Clubs

  • Free drop-in sessions run by volunteers in venues across Bristol to help adults practise speaking English


Local Learning Centre

  • Based in Lawrence Hill, these ESOL lessons are delivered through LearnDirect


Learning English Online

If you cannot attend ESOL classes in person, below are some good websites where you can learn independently:

English My Way

British Council ESOL

Support for Refugees & Asylum Seekers

Bristol Refugee Rights

  • Runs a day centre where refugees and asylum seekers can access a range of support services, including information about their asylum claim and free ESOL lessons

Refugee Women of Bristol

  • Provides services specifically for refugee women and runs a drop-in session every Tuesday


Bristol Hospitality Network

  • BHN works alongside asylum seekers facing destitution by sourcing hosted accommodation and creative community engagement across the city


Bristol Red Cross

  • Helps refugees and asylum seekers access essential services and adapt to life in a new country



  • The B.friend project provides asylum seekers and refugees with one-to-one support

Bristol Somali Resource Centre (BSRC)

  • Provides free and impartial information advice and guidance on range of issues including welfare, housing, immigration, schools, and employment as well as runs various training activities.

Sirona Care & Health

  • Specialist services to engage, treat, and support those from migrant communities

Employment Support


The National Careers Service

  • Provides information as well as careers and skills advice tailored to you


  • Has a page for all employment support services available in Bristol

Other Support Organisations


Citizens’ Advice Bureau

  • Provides free, confidential, impartial  advice on   housing,  benefits,  immigration, 

      and other issues



  • Provides support for victims of any type of hate crime, including racist or faith-based crimes

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