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In Oxford, we have a Student Committee combined of officers from both University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes University.



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Andrea Berbel Torres

Hi, I’m Andrea, I am a third year English Literature student at Brookes. I joined Jacari in January 2021 and ever since I have felt it is very enjoyable and rewarding to be part of the Jacari Family. I am excited to be part of the new committee and I can’t wait to see what we come up with.

Yihang Fang

Hi there! I’m Yihang, a second-year studying Geography at Mansfield College Oxford. I have been with Jacari as a tutor since 2020 and have enjoyed the experience immensely. I am excited to now work with the rest of the student committee and all our amazing volunteers. Volunteering with Jacari is a great way to make a meaningful and lasting contribution to the local Oxford community. I am confident that our team of volunteers will continue to do an excellent job of supporting our pupils this year and beyond! 

Teaching Officers


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Emillie Reed

Hello! I'm Emillie, a third-year English Language & Linguistics student at Oxford Brookes. I joined Jacari last October as a tutor and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far, so I am excited to join the committee and encourage new volunteers to take the opportunity to tutor whilst providing them with support throughout their undoubtedly rewarding experience.

Keith Nguyen

Hello, I'm Keith, and I am a second-year English Language and Linguistics student at Oxford Brookes University. After having such a great time at Jacari as a volunteer, I look forward to delivering the same experience and even more for our students and volunteers this year with my knowledge and dedication. With the resources and training that we will continue to share, teaching at Jacari will not only be a fun opportunity but also a chance for professional development.

Molly Foster

Hi! I’m Molly, and I’m a fourth-year English and German student at Worcester College Oxford. Jacari mentoring has always been one of the highlights of my week at Oxford, and I’m thrilled to be part of the team! I’m looking forward to helping another batch of volunteers feel confident and competent, to ensure that they and their tutees get the most out of Jacari.

Kids' Events Officer


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Polly Brown

I’m Polly, a first-year Classics student with a background in volunteering in education. I have previously taught maths and Latin, and although teaching English is a different challenge, I have loved volunteering with Jacari over the past year. I think that volunteering with Jacari can change children’s opportunities in life completely, and only a small amount of time every week can go such a long way, so I am so excited to help this charity in a more active role this year.

Caroline Wallace

Hi! I’m Caroline, a fourth-year linguist at Queen’s College Oxford, and the Treasurer and Fundraising Officer for this year! I started tutoring with Jacari in my first year, and am excited to work with the rest of the committee to help the charity to grow and help as many students as possible!

Volunteer Support Officers


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Carmen B. Coin

Hello! My name is Carmen, I have volunteered for Jacari this past year and it has been a wonderful experience for both me and my tutee. I am overjoyed that I'll be able to help Jacari find new tutors who will be part of this experience and who can bring joy and confidence to children.

Molly Acheson

Hi, I’m Molly and I’m a second year archaeology and anthropology student at St John’s College, Oxford! I started volunteering with Jacari in 2020, and have found the experience so rewarding and enjoyable. I’m really excited to take up the role as volunteer officer, and get more involved in the amazing work that Jacari does!

Treasurer and Fundraising Officer


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