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Leave a gift to Jacari

Be part of creating a better future for young people who use English as an additional language (EAL). After taking care of your friends and family, a gift of any size to Jacari will make a difference to helping young people with EAL achieve their potential.

Jacari’s enduring legacy
We’re really proud of the long term legacy of Jacari, a charity that has been supporting young people from immigrant families since the 1960s. Below are two inspiring stories of Jacari past and present.

Imran’s story

Imran was supported by Jacari volunteer Helen, a music student at the University of Oxford, when he was at primary school in the 1980s. Helen helped spark a love of the arts in Imran, introducing him to literature, drama and music. He particularly remembers reading stories with Helen, helping him to build his confidence in reading in English. Imran went on to study at university and have a varied career which has included supporting young people into education, conducting social research on equality and inclusion and becoming an actor! He became a Jacari trustee in 2017 and chaired our board for 3 years. 

Imran Mirza former Jacari pupil and trustee

Ijay’s story

Ijay only began learning English when he arrived in the UK and started at his new secondary school in Oxford. He has weekly Jacari lessons at his school with volunteer Myles, who is studying at Oxford. It’s wonderful to see how much Ijay’s confidence in speaking and reading English has grown in that time, as well as his participation at school. The support that Myles provides Ijay goes beyond curriculum and language skills. He wants to show Ijay how much fun can be had within the school environment and engage him with learning by harnessing his natural curiosity and focusing on his favourite topics. Ijay’s teacher is so pleased that Myles is able to be flexible to Ijay’s distinct learning style and told us: ‘Jacari volunteers work with the warp and weft of each individual student - and that is a very beautiful thing.

The difference your gift could make

Leaving a gift in your will to Jacari could make a difference to thousands more people like Imran and Ijay. It could help us to:

  • Employ a new member of staff to set up and run an exciting new project.

  • Expand Jacari to other cities.

  • Recruit, train and manage more volunteers.

  • Work with more schools to support their EAL pupils. 

  • Organise more fun trips / activities for the young people and their families.


Next steps
Speak to your solicitor about including a gift to Jacari in your will, or if you would like to discuss a gift that would help Jacari grow significantly, please get in touch.

Learn more about leaving a gift in your will from the Fundraising Regulator

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