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On this page you'll find information specifically to help with home learning during school closures. Whether you're a volunteer, pupil or parent, if you need any help with home learning, feel free to contact the Jacari Coordinator for support - you'll find their contact details at the bottom of this page.
Below are three of the most useful home learning resources available. Click on the image to take you to more information and a link:

Getting connected

We know that many families are struggling to access online learning at the moment because of the cost of data or a lack of technology at home. If your tutee doesn't have access to a suitable device, please email your Coordinator who may be able to help.
Many mobile providers are also providing free data for disadvantaged families during school closures. Schools can request this support via the Department for Education's 'Get Help with Technology' Programme. If your tutee's family need extra data, get in touch with your Coordinator. 

Staying safe and well

Lockdown is difficult for everyone. Please find below a resource to help children think about their wellbeing during the Covid-19 crisis, and a link to a guide for parents on online safety, available in 12 different languages:
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