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Breakdancing for Jacari

Jacari supporter Mona Elghzal ran a breakdance workshop in Oxford in October and raised £200 for Jacari. She told us about what inspired her to support Jacari and organise the breakdance workshop.

When I moved to Oxford, I aspired to engage in volunteer work. Back home, in London, I was a part of a group named Inspiral, who are a community of dancers that dedicate their time to support various causes. Some of these include running dance sessions at local community centres, for the public to have a safe space to practise and express themselves.

I found Jacari online and really admired their purpose. I aimed to volunteer as a tutor however, due to the 9-5pm work life, I never found the time. Therefore, I decided to fundraise, to show my support and, one thing I love to do is Breakdance.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to teach (which I enjoy) and donate the money I make to a cause I am passionate about. I contacted the Old Fire Station, where I ran the class, who applied their best efforts to support the cause.

The workshop was dedicated to all ages and complete beginners. The main aim of the workshop was to demonstration basic concepts of Breakdancing, applying the movement to the music and providing an environment to express yourself. We covered the roots of Breakdancing, how it originated, to its involvement in ‘Hip Hop’ culture and the positive impacts Breakdancing has bought to the world for decades.

Everyone enjoyed the workshop and learnt lots of new moves!

Mona set up a Just Giving page and shared this with her friends and breakdance community and received lots of donations for Jacari, and along with funds raised from the workshop, she achieved her target of raising £200.

Thank you Mona and friends!

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