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Celebrating Jacari’s trustees

During National Volunteers’ Week, we wanted to highlight the important role of our board of trustees, who all support Jacari in a voluntary capacity. Our trustees meet four times a year and are responsible for governing the charity and making key decisions on our work. They also provide invaluable support and expertise to our small team.

Meet Jacari’s trustees

Top row:

Jacari’s board of trustees is led by Imran Mirza who has first-hand experience of Jacari tutoring, having been tutored by a Jacari volunteer when he was at school in Oxford. Imran works in the charity-sector.

Christina Skarbek was a Senior Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University specialising in the provision of English as an Additional Language (EAL) support for children and young people and is now a counsellor.

Liz Roberts has a wealth of experience in the voluntary sector and working with refugees and asylum seekers.

Susie Perks is a former Jacari Oxford Coordinator and now works as an IT specialist.

Bottom row:

Aimée Sykes works as a Business Liaison Manager at the University of West England and has a background in communications and engagement.

Louise Sykes has a background in finance for multinational companies and is also a former Jacari volunteer.

Matthew Lister has lots of experience in fundraising in the arts sector and is currently working for a tech start-up.

Ilan Elson is an operations leader in high-growth tech start-ups and supports Jacari with strategic planning.

Michelle Kambarami (not pictured) teaches English at City of Bristol College.

Thank you to all of our dedicated trustees for all the time and energy they put into making Jacari such an amazing charity!

Could you be a Jacari trustee?

We would like to diversify our board of trustees and are particularly looking for people with lived experience of speaking English as an additional language and coming to the UK as a refugee, asylum-seeker or migrant.

We would also like to encourage parents of Jacari pupils and former Jacari pupils (aged over 18) to join our board of trustees as they would provide a valuable voice and represent the perspectives of the children we support.

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