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Celebrating our amazing volunteers

National Volunteers' Week takes place from 1-7 June every year and is an opportunity to celebrate and say thank you for the fantastic contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK.

We’ll be celebrating all of our wonderful Jacari volunteers over the week on our social media channels, sharing our volunteers of the week from this academic year.

Follow us on @JacariOxford and @JacariBristol on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

We also wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to our outgoing student committees who have done a fantastic job helping us to recruit and train volunteers, providing teaching support, fundraising and promoting Jacari at their Universities and Colleges during a very challenging year. Our committee members have done everything “virtually” and not even been able to meet in person for most of the year. We’re so proud of what they’ve achieved despite these challenges.

We asked some of our outgoing Student Committee members about their experience of volunteering with Jacari:

Vera Toh, President of the University of Bristol Student Committee

“While it was a little unfortunate that the committee and volunteers were unable to meet face to face this year, it was wonderful to witness the continuous support our volunteers offered to the Bristol community. As I look back on my experience leading the committee for the past year, it has been nothing short of an incredible learning experience.”

Ed Martin, Oxford Student Committee Publicity Officer

“Although it was not the year that many of us were expecting, my time on the Jacari committee was nevertheless one that I very much enjoyed. Coming up with social media posts and schedules with the other Publicity Officers was a great way to practice teamwork and I do think that we all co-operated very well ... I still felt very supported by the other members of the committee as well as by the Jacari staff ... Overall, I am very happy with what our committee has achieved this year, as well as my role in it.”

Maddie Robertson, Oxford Student Committee Teaching Officer

“Throughout my time as a Teaching Officer I have really enjoyed it and I think the online training days have been really smooth and worked well. I think doing the training online is helpful and could be something to carry on in the future instead of going back face-to-face.”

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