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Cook for Jacari

We’re planning a really special event this autumn inspired by our former volunteers' memories their time tutoring children. During our 65th anniversary year, when we asked our former volunteers their memories of Jacari, so many mentioned the food they enjoyed at their pupil’s home.

This gave us the idea for our first ever “Big Night In”. We’re asking our supporters, alumni and volunteers to prepare a special meal for their family and friends this November and raise vital funds to provide tuition to young people who use EAL in Bristol and Oxford. You could recreate one of the meals you sampled at your pupil’s home or cook a meal made up of dishes from their heritage.

All you need to do to take part in our Big Night In is to arrange a date in November to cook a meal, invite some guests, provide the venue and prepare the meal. We're just asking that each of your guests makes a small donation to Jacari while enjoying a delicious meal in good company!

Instead of cooking for friends and family, you could use this as an opportunity to invite your neighbours round and get to know them, or friends from a club or activity you're involved in. Or you could host a meal in your workplace and ask everyone to bring a dish and donate. There's lots of scope for making this a fun challenge!

We want to get current volunteers involved too. You could cook a meal for your housemates, or if you are living in halls or College, get creative and cook a microwave meal! You could ask your pupil's parents for some recipe ideas and tips. You can also use this as an opportunity to teach your pupil some food and cooking vocabulary!

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