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Meet our new Trustee: Ilan Elson

Jacari is excited to announce the appointment of a new Trustee who has recently joined our Board, Ilan Elson.

What were you doing before joining Jacari?

Professionally, I've been working in high-growth technology start-ups in Silicon Valley and London for the last 10 years. The common thread is I always gravitate towards teams that are bright & humble, and seem to be "on to something". Before that I was a management consultant for a couple years, and before that a biomedical science researcher for many years, including a PhD on Alzheimer's disease.

Outside of work, I love taking my 3 boys into the woods for overnight backpacking, and learning with them how to use sharp tools to make things out of wood.

What attracted you to become a trustee at Jacari?

I have been mentoring young people from under-represented backgrounds for many years. And I am passionate about levelling the playing field and giving more groups of people access to education and professional success. But I decided to join a charity board of trustees in order to help an organization (to help even more people). I learned about Jacari from a trustee role posting on The Fore, and then through interviewing with the team I became increasingly excited at the impact Jacari is making teaching English and skills to young people.

What skills do you bring to the charity?

I have had the pleasure of building and leading large teams in fast-moving, mission-driven companies, and I am excited to bring my skills in organisation building and strategy to Jacari. Whether on the cultural, analytical, or strategic side of things, I love trying to help improve the people, machinery and operations of an organization.

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