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Meet our new Trustee: Kate Newby

What were you doing before joining Jacari?

I graduated last year from the University of Bristol, which is where my relationship with Jacari began: first as a volunteer tutor, then as President of the student committee. Since graduating, I have worked for another small charity based in Bristol, assisting with their communications and fundraising. I’m beginning a new role in September, working as a strategy analyst in London. In my free time, I am also a keen reader (another reason I loved being a tutor!) and enjoy relaxing with a coffee and a podcast.

What attracted you to become a trustee at Jacari?

I really enjoyed my time volunteering for Jacari as a student, so when I saw the alumni newsletter encouraging former volunteers to get in touch about joining the board, I was keen. Having seen what a difference Jacari makes to its pupils’ lives, I was excited by this opportunity. I believe that every child deserves to succeed no matter their background: helping Jacari to make this happen as a trustee was a real motivator.

What skills do you bring to the charity?

My experience as a recent volunteer and student committee leader gives me a useful insight into the motivations of current (and potential) volunteers. I also learned what did (and didn’t) work well in the student committees that support the work of Jacari. Additionally, I’m really interested in how charities can measure and show the impact that they have – showing the difference a charity makes was a big part of my current role, and my next role involves a lot of ‘data storytelling’. I hope I can help Jacari to show off the amazing work it does!

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