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Small Charity Week

Small Charity Week runs from 14th - 18th June and celebrates the contribution that small charities make to communities throughout the UK.

Jacari is proud to be part of the small charity sector and a member of the Small Charities Coalition and Foundation for Social Improvement, who organise Small Charity Week every year.

There are lots of ways to get involved starting on Monday 14th June which is I ♥ Small Charities Day. We’d love our supporters, alumni and volunteers to share their love of Jacari by writing what they love about us on this downloadable poster and sharing a photo of themselves holding up their poster on social media! (as demonstrated by Natasha!). Make sure you include the #ILoveSmallCharities hashtag in your post and tweets.

Friday 18th June is Small Charity Big Impact Day when we’ll be sharing the impact of our work in the past year on social media with the help of some of our volunteers/pupils!

Follow us on social media to get involved:

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