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Anna leaves Jacari after 7 years

We wanted to thank the amazing Anna Bowie for 7 years of dedicated support to Jacari staff, volunteers and pupils.

Photo of Anna Bowie

Anna joined Jacari in 2017 to coordinate our Bristol programme, and in 2022 took on the management of the whole charity, overseeing both the Bristol and Oxford programmes, managing our staff team, measuring our impact and leading the organisation to deliver our strategic priorities. Anna also continued to be involved with delivering volunteer training and going into schools to meet the young people we support. With her teaching background, she was always on-hand to offer tips and advice to volunteers!

We want to thank Anna for everything she has done for Jacari. She leaves a significant legacy, steering us through the Covid pandemic, setting up our exciting new peer tutoring project and making us a stronger and more stable charity, leaving us in a great position going forward. She will be missed by everyone involved with Jacari.

Our staff team each wanted to say their own thank you to Anna:

Aggie (Peer Tutoring Coordinator)

It was great to work with Anna. Coming to the office always meant having some home made cake together after lunch and speaking about the week's work ahead of us. Anna always greeted everyone with a smile and to work with her was a great pleasure. She is very supportive, encouraging and happy to help. She allowed all of the staff to spread their wings and develop ideas in an innovative way, with heaps of her support and expertise when needed. She will be missed, but I also know that her work for Jacari has been so significant - it has made Jacari what it is now.

Shaiane and Helen (Jacari Coordinators)

It’s been such a joy working and learning from Anna at Jacari. Her passion for the job and for helping the communities we work with was a real inspiration, and shone through in the meaningful relationships she had built with our pupils, families and volunteers.

Natasha (Fundraising Manager)

I’ve worked alongside Anna for nearly 4 years and have always valued her support, encouragement and ideas. She has been an excellent colleague and mentor for me and I have learnt so much from her about fundraising for a small charity. I will miss her positivity, creative problem-solving and can-do attitude! She has such a passion for helping young people achieve their potential and championing those who are most disadvantaged - she will be a real asset to the next organisation she works for!

Katy (Charity Manager)

I think if you’ve ever had the pleasure of crossing paths with Anna, you’ll know her as super-approachable, smiley, and above all, kind. Anyone lucky enough to have worked with her at all while she was at Jacari knows that she was also very, very good at her job. Personally, I am truly grateful to her for being so patient and supportive in my handover period - of course she was, this is Anna all over - but it was also because right to her final day she had Jacari’s best interests at heart. I hope she feels very proud of all her hard work that made Jacari what it is today.

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