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We are delighted to work with amazing partner schools in Oxford and Bristol.
Please note that we only accept pupil referrals via our current partner schools. We work with 6 schools in Bristol and 10 schools in Oxford (usually in liaison with the EAL Lead, SENCo, or Headteacher at each school).
Currently, we are not accepting any more schools into our partnership programme in either Bristol or Oxford. If you have any questions, please contact your local Jacari Coordinator at or respectively.

Refer a Pupil (Partner Schools Only)

To a refer a pupil to the Jacari programme, click on the buttons below. If you need some help, read on for a step-by-step guide to the referral process!
Oxford Partner Schools

  • New Marston Primary

  • St Barnabas Primary 

  • St Christopher's Primary

  • St Francis Primary

  • Larkrise Primary

  • Rose Hill Primary

  • Cheney School

  • The Oxford Academy

  • Oxford Spires Academy

  • Greyfriars Secondary School

  • Matthew Arnold Secondary School

  • East Oxford Primary School

  • Swan School

Bristol Partner Schools
  • City Academy 

  • Barton Hill Academy

  • Bannerman Road Primary Academy

  • Fairfield High School

  • Hannah More Primary

  • The Dolphin School

  • Easton CofE Academy

  • Montpelier High School

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At-a-Glance Referral Guide (Partner Schools Only)

1. If you have an EAL pupil who you think would benefit from Jacari teaching, you must obtain parental consent before completing our online referral form. You can find and download the parental consent form, and an information sheet about Jacari for parents, by using the yellow buttons on this page. Once you have collected consent forms for your pupil referrals, you should scan and email them to your local Jacari Coordinator at either or respectively. 

2. Once you have parental consent, you can fill in the online referral form by clicking the 'Make a referral' yellow button, above. Please note that we require teachers to write the EAL band (A, B, C, D or E) of each pupil on their referral form. Click here for more information about EAL bands, if your school does not currently use them.

3. When the online referral form is submitted, the pupil in question will be added to our waiting list. We usually have more pupils than volunteers, so we appreciate your patience—it may take time to find a suitable volunteer tutor. When your pupil is matched with a Jacari tutor, the referring teacher or the Jacari school contact will receive an email informing them about the match. The tutor may be in touch with you to ask for updated ideas on what the pupil needs help with. 

4. If you are a Jacari school contact at a partner school, a Jacari Coordinator will meet or arrange a phone call with you 2-3 times a year—usually in September, January, and July—to discuss the pupils on your referral list and update their contact and teaching information. 

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