Joining Jacari as a volunteer tutor is a hugely exciting opportunity for you to be involved in creating real, positive change across Bristol and Oxford through supporting children with English as an additional language. Each Jacari tutor has the potential to make a meaningful and long-lasting impact in the life of their pupil.

By becoming a tutor, you will:


  •  Build a lasting relationship with a pupil and their family

  •  Experience another side to your city

  •  Develop valuable communication and teaching skills

  •  Make a tangible difference in a child’s life

  •  Help tackle educational inequalities 

  •  Join a fun and supportive community

IMPORTANT - COVID-19 update: From September 2021, you will be able to choose whether you want to volunteer in-person or online, or a mixture of both. It will help if most volunteers are willing to tutor online if need be, in the case of further lockdowns/restrictions or Jacari family preferences.

Child and volunteer tutor blow bubbles

"It is truly the most rewarding thing I have done at university. It has been such a pleasure to work with young people on an individual level, and have found this close interaction with a young person to be really refreshing. Similarly, just getting out of the typical university part of town has offered me a better insight into the city and community."

"Volunteering gave me a sense of perspective, a new purpose and belief in the value of language-learning, and a greater understanding of the process of teaching and language acquisition. Volunteering with Jacari has confirmed my love of teaching early years and therefore helped with my career plans. Tutoring has also contributed to my time management skills and priorities, showing me that there is always time to be made for things you believe and know are worthwhile!"

Who can volunteer?
We look for volunteers who:
  • Are motivated by promoting the educational attainment, confidence and self-esteem of children and young people

  • Are open, friendly and interested in learning about different cultures

  • Have excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Can work under their own initiative 

  • Have a high standard of written and spoken English – if English is not your first language, you should have an IELTS score of 7.5 or above. 

  • During Covid-19, are able to volunteer from home and have a suitable laptop and strong internet connection for video calling

We prefer our volunteers to either be a current University student, or hold an undergraduate degree. This is because, historically, all our volunteers were students so there is an expectation from the schools we work with. However, if you are not a current student or graduate but feel you would make a good volunteer tutor, please contact us to discuss further.

If you are not currently a University student, we ask that you have some prior experience, either professional or voluntary, in either the charity or education sector or working with children

There are three steps to becoming a volunteer:

1. Fill out our online application form by clicking here


In this form we will ask you to provide the details of at least one reference—this could be an employer, personal tutor or teacher, and should not be related to you. If you require the application form in a more accessible format—for example in large text or completed verbally—please get in touch directly so we can arrange this.

2. Complete our induction and training programme


This includes completing an online Safeguarding Course, an online Volunteer Induction session, and a Teaching Training session. Details will be sent once you've completed the application form.


3. Complete a DBS check

We conduct a DBS check to make sure you are safe to work with children. It involves filling in a an online form with your personal details and address history as well as showing 3 documents to prove your identity. Click here to find out which documents you need.​ Links to sign up for this will be sent out once you have completed the application form.