Joining Jacari as a volunteer tutor is a hugely exciting opportunity for you to be involved in creating real, positive change across Bristol and Oxford through supporting children with English as an additional language. Each Jacari tutor has the potential to make a hugely meaningful and long-lasting impact in the life of their pupil as well as in the broader local community.

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By becoming a Jacari tutor, you will:


  •  Build a lasting relationship with a Jacari pupil and their family

  •  Experience another side to your city (outside of the university bubble!)

  •  Build and develop valuable skills in communication and teaching

  •  Make a tangible difference in a child’s life

  •  Help tackle educational inequalities

  •  Join a fun and supportive community

The majority of our volunteers are students at one of the universities in Bristol or Oxford. If you are not a student but would still like to get involved and support our work, please contact us at bristol@jacari.org or oxford@jacari.org to find out whether you are eligible to volunteer with us.

"It is truly the most rewarding thing I have done at university. It has been such a pleasure to work with young people on an individual level, and have found this close interaction with a young person to be really refreshing. Similarly, just getting out of the typical university precinct and travelling a short way to a more diverse area has 

offered me a good insight into the city."

-2017 Jacari Volunteer Testimonial

"Working with Jacari has been one of my only connections outside of the university world in Oxford. And now, during coronavirus, it has been one of the few constants (despite moving online). I have really appreciated getting to know people in Oxford outside of my small campus."


-2020 Jacari Volunteer Testimonial

"I didn’t sign up to anything at the very daunting Freshers Fair and, after finding Jacari at the Oxford Hub’s smaller fair, it was the only society I joined outside of college. I loved the chance to connect to the community outside of Oxford and see how families lived alongside and within the university city. Volunteering gave me a sense of perspective on my studies, a new purpose and belief in the value of language-learning, and a greater understanding of the process of teaching and language acquisition. In this, volunteering with Jacari has confirmed my love of teaching early years and therefore helped with my career plans. Tutoring has also contributed to my time management skills and priorities, showing me that there is always time to be made for things you believe and know are worthwhile!"

-2020 Jacari Volunteer Testimonial


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