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​We are now recruiting for volunteers to start tutoring in the New Year! To join our valuable team of volunteers in Bristol, please apply by filling out the relevant online application form below.               Please apply before 21st January. 

We are excited to meet you and hope to have you tutoring with us soon!

“My ultimate inspiration is going through a task with him and seeing him overcome the difficulties and seeing his big smile once he has overcome it. This pure happiness from him really motivates and inspires me to teach him to the best of my abilities"

- Jacari Volunteer 2022/23

"The sessions are just an hour a week which for you is not a massive amount of time but the impact is  really really immense so I think it's definitely a worthwhile thing to do because it's not a massive hardship but it really really worth it"


- Jacari Volunteer 2022/23

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