Volunteer with Jacari Oxford

Each Jacari volunteer has the potential to make a hugely meaningful and long lasting impact on the local community.


Despite being in a wealthy county, Oxford is a deeply divided city with high levels of educational inequality. For example, just 28% of students in Blackbird Leys  achieve 5 A*-C grades at GCSE, compared to 70% in Headington. 

Not one pupil eligible for free school meals in Oxfordshire got into Oxford University in 2013. 

In Oxford, around 35% of pupils have English as an additional language - this is more than twice the national average. And as refugee families begin to arrive in the city, there is an increasing need for accessible English tuition. 


Children who have English as an additional language are on average less likely to achieve top results in school exams than their native speaker peers. 

When people feel left behind with language, they can feel marginalised and left out, hitting their confidence and damaging their ability to perform at school – and we are passionate about changing that. Being a tutor is not just about improving a child’s English, or helping set them up for success in exams - it’s also about creating a sense of belonging, helping them fulfil their potential, and improving their confidence.

Jacari's Impact


  • When teachers were asked to rate the impact of Jacari on pupils' confidence out of ten, the average result was 8.5 

  • When teachers were asked to rate the impact of Jacari on pupils' educational attainment, the average response was 7.6

  • 100% of parents would recommend Jacari to another parent

  • 94% of pupils tell us they enjoy their Jacari lessons

Why volunteer?

By volunteering you will:

  • Build a lasting relationship with your pupil and their family

  • Experience Oxford outside the University bubble

  • Make a tangible difference to a child’s life

Interested in a career in teaching?

We can provide a certificate of your teaching commitment and the coordinator is happy to write personal references for job and internship applications. Get in touch with oxford@jacari.org to discuss! 

As the oldest student charity of Oxford University we have an established support system that provides training sessions, teaching materials and individual support. 


No previous teaching experience or foreign language knowledge is required, the hours are flexible, and it looks great on a CV!

"Jacari is a brilliant way to meet people outside of college as well as giving back to the local community...I have built up a solid relationship with my pupil and it is incredibly rewarding to see him improve week by week"

- Molly, volunteer


"Jacari is fun because you get to go places and do activities. So my friends get quite excited when they hear they are getting a Jacari teacher and talk about it a lot at school. I look forward to each lesson loads!"

- Khaleel Ahmed, Jacari pupil


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