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Our Vision

Jacari's vision is a society where young people from all backgrounds have the confidence and language skills to achieve their full potential.

Our Mission 

Jacari’s mission is to improve the confidence and English language skills of young people through our free tuition scheme. We work with those who have English as an additional language and are at risk of not achieving their full potential. 

Our Values 

Equality: We recognise that people are different and unique, with diverse talents which should be celebrated and shared. We are driven by the belief that everyone should have equality of opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Aspiration: We believe that everyone can achieve highly with the right support. We aim to inspire confidence and encourage an ambitious mindset in every young person we work with.

Love of Learning: We recognise that engaging young people in their learning is best done through showing that learning can be fun, enjoyable and enriching. All staff and volunteers model this value and are committed to lifelong learning. 

Community: We work to create connections and foster solidarity between diverse communities in society through collaboration and volunteering. 


Our Activities

Tutoring: At Jacari we train our volunteers to serve as English tutors and then match them 1:1 with migrant, asylum-seeking, and refugee children who have English as an Additional Language (EAL) and are in need of academic help outside of school. Tutors and pupils then meet each week for fun, informal, 1-hour lessons aimed at boosting pupils' confidence and academic skills.

Kids’ Events: Each year, we organise free trips and events for our pupils, their families, and their Jacari tutors.

Volunteer Socials: Our Student Committees organise fun socials for our volunteers to get to know and learn from one another. Additionally, we host several fundraising events throughout the year to support Jacari's ongoing activities.

Teaching Workshops: Alongside our required volunteer inductions which include both teaching and safeguarding training, we organise teaching workshops and drop-in sessions to help our tutors improve their teaching skills and find new resources.

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