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Join the Jacari Bristol student committee for 2023-24! Be part of the amazing team that organises events, recruits volunteers, raises funds, and lots more. 


Our student committee is key to building a community of volunteers passionate about tackling educational inequality in Bristol and beyond. 

What will the time commitment be? 

Joining the student committee will involve attending a committee meeting every fortnight and working with a team on events and activities. Commitment will vary throughout the year. 

What is Jacari?


Jacari is an award-winning charity providing free tutoring and extracurricular activities for migrant, asylum-seeking, and refugee children in Bristol and Oxford who have English as an Additional Language (EAL) and are struggling at school. Learn more about our history here.




What experience will I need?

You won't need to have a lot of experience. We're looking for students who are motivated and enthusiastic about getting involved and learning new skills. We hope that we'll be able to offer an opportunity to develop skills. 

How do I join the committee? 

Please complete the expression of interest form at the bottom of this page by Friday 16th June. 

We'll be in touch soon after this date to discuss whether you'd be a good fit for a role on committee.

  • All applicants must be students at the University of Bristol.

  • We encourage those who’ve volunteered with us to apply, but it’s fine if you’re new to Jacari too! 

  • Committee members will receive training and support from the Jacari staff team.

Jacari values diversity in its team and welcomes volunteers from all backgrounds.  We positively encourage volunteers from refugee, asylum-seeking and migrant backgrounds to apply.

Take a look at the different committee roles and their corresponding responsibilities:

  • Setting targets and working with the committee to deliver them.

  • Supporting all committee members with their activities and helping where needed.

  • Responding quickly and creatively to any issues that arise.

  • Promoting Jacari within the university and community.

  • Chairing fortnightly meetings.

  • Reporting to the Coordinator on a regular basis.

Teaching Officers
  • ​Delivering teaching inductions.

  • Building a Jacari Bristol library of resources for volunteers, such as books, games, worksheets and other useful lesson materials, both online and in the office.

  • Responding to volunteers’ queries about teaching.

  • Running and organising extra teaching workshops.

Events & Publicity Officers
  • Support staff in recruiting new volunteers at your university, department, and faculty.

  • Create publicity material to help recruit volunteers and raise our profile.

  • Organise initiatives and events to build a volunteer community for Jacari volunteers. 

  • Liaise with other student organisations who have similar aims.

  • Work alongside staff to organise termly kids’ events.

If you have any questions, please email

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