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A curious trip for Bristol kids

Our team in Bristol were delighted to host a trip to the incredible Science Museum ‘We the Curious’ recently - our first proper trip in over two years!

We were glad to welcome over 40 of our pupils and their volunteers, parents and siblings to the museum, which kindly gave us all free admission for the day. The museum is brilliant - fully interactive and immersive, allowing children to explore the hands-on exhibits independently, learning about everything from how to milk a cow to what’s in outer space!

Everyone had lots of fun and it was so lovely to see all the children playing together happily. Trips like this give the children and young people we support a fantastic chance to meet with their volunteer and practise their English in an informal setting, while also giving them and their families the opportunity to visit places they may not usually get the chance to.

We've received some lovely feedback from some of the families who came, including this comment: "Thank you to the Jacari team for this amazing experience at We the Curious. We loved. Thank you." One of our volunteers also commented that, "I had such a good time at the museum and it was so nice to see E’s parents there too, engaging with all the content."

We're planning more fun trips in the coming months, including to Bristol Zoo, the Felix Road Adventure Playground and SS Great Britain, so watch this space for more news from the Bristol team!

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