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Congratulations to our Volunteer of the Month (Oxford) - Katie!

Congratulations to our volunteer of the month for November 2021 in Oxford! Katie has continued to be a dedicated tutor beyond her university degree.

She will be vlogging her Jacari lesson and answering your questions tomorrow on our Instagram at

Katie told us a little bit about her time tutoring for Jacari:

'I’ve been tutoring with Jacari for nearly four years now - I love everything about it and the kids I tutor and their parents have become my family away from home. Their English has improved so much, but the best part of being their tutor is all the fun we have and all the things we discover together.

When I had my first lesson, it took one of the kids half an hour to even be in the same room as me, and now they wait at the window or on the front wall and fire all of their questions at me the minute I arrive!

We always try and make the lessons fun and do real world language learning, so we’ll visit exhibitions, shows and all sorts of things and use this as the inspiration for our writing and reading activities, as well as sneaking spelling activities into games like Jenga!

We also do quite a bit of working through school work together and I can see the difference this makes in their confidence and understanding.

My best memory is probably when I arrived to them having made a domino trail leading to a letter they’d written saying how much they loved our lessons and adventures - it is great to know they have as much fun as I do!'

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