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Summer Celebration at Flo Park

Group of children and young people outside a building holding letters that spell Jacari

Last weekend, we were joined by forty-eight Jacari pupils and their families for a fun afternoon of games and activities at Florence Park in Oxford.

Children doing a craft activity in a park with volunteer helping them

Arts and crafts

From lunchtime, our volunteers welcomed children and their families with arts and crafts at our gazebo outside the pavilion.

Jacari pupils were soon busy making fortune tellers, pinwheels and paper butterflies.

Children playing dodgeball in a park with two volunteers

Games and fun activities

For children who were keen to run around, volunteers organised a range of sports activities in the park. It was fantastic to see children from across our partner schools getting involved, making friends and having fun in the sunshine.

Treasure hunt

Volunteers also prepared an A-Z treasure hunt for the children with a prize for the team who got the end of the alphabet first! With the use of flashcards hidden across the park, teams had great fun ticking off letters of the alphabet.

two children with a Jacari volunteer in a park doing a treasure hunt

Parents get involved too

We also invited parents and families to stay and meet each other, chat to our staff and volunteers, and share thoughts and ideas about our programmes.

Our trustee Sofia spent the day talking to parents and families about our tutoring programme and how they can get involved!

We were also pleased to be joined by Jan from Asylum Welcome and Ella from Oxford Hub.

Thank you to our trustee Sofia and volunteers Adrienne, Cecilia, Charlotte, Eleanor, George, Helen, Izzy, Kaveri, Kim, Luna, Maddy, Sam, Sarabesh, Tim and Yukari, for their help organising activities and creating a wonderful atmosphere.

Group of volunteers outside building

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