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Give from your pay

We have recently registered with the Payroll Giving agency GiveAll as one of our supporters wanted to donate to Jacari direct from their monthly pay.

Payroll giving is a way of giving money to charity without paying tax on it. You can make a monthly donation to a charity like Jacari and it will come straight out of your pay - easy! Donations are deducted from an employees’ salary before tax so, effectively, what the

donor would have paid in tax goes to charity instead. If you were to choose to donate £15 per month, as a 20% tax-payer, it would cost you £12. As a 40% tax-payer it would cost you £7.50.

Payroll Giving has to be arranged by your employer, who needs to be registered to a payroll giving agency. Many employers already have payroll giving set up. If they don’t, there is a list of payroll giving agencies on the UK government website. We are already registered with GiveAll, a fundraising platform owned by a UK charity which helps non-profit organisations raise money. They don’t charge any fees or commission for payroll giving so it won’t cost you or Jacari anything to donate. They make it easy for employers to set up payroll giving as everything is automated and there is minimal administration. As a charity, Jacari can easily register with other payroll giving agencies too.

If you are interested in donating using payroll giving, please check with your employer first and then contact Jacari with details of the payroll giving agency that they are using.

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