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Nisbet Trust grant

We are delighted to receive a 2 year grant of £5000 per year from the Nisbet Trust towards our Jacari Bristol programme.

The Nisbet Trust funded Jacari's work in Bristol in the 2022-23 academic year and we are so pleased that they have decided to continue supporting our work.

The Trust Director, Alison Hope, and Trustee, Rose Nisbet, attended our Refugee Week summer celebration event and had the opportunity to talk to some of our volunteers, along with one of our trustees and a partner school teacher. It was lovely for them to see first-hand so many of our pupils having fun and practising their English at the event.

Founded in 2011, The Nisbet Trust is an independent charitable trust which supports charitable causes in the Greater Bristol area through both single and multi-year grants. Their areas of focus are: supporting disadvantaged children and young people; promoting community and social inclusion; tackling and preventing homelessness; and supporting arts and performance venues and groups across Bristol.

Everyone at Jacari would like to thank the Nisbet Trust for their ongoing support!

group of children and adults at a Jacari event
Jacari Refugee Week celebration event, June 2023

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