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Scrapstore fun for Bristol pupils

Last May, we organised a trip to Children’s Scrapstore for a group of pupils from City Academy in Bristol. Most of the pupils had just finished their exams and we wanted to give them something fun and relaxing to do together.

Jacari pupils Maya* and Maryam*, wrote this lovely blog about their experience at Scrapstore:

Pupil and Jacari volunteer creating things with recycled materials

Our visit to Scrapstore

We all gathered in the office, around 9 of us, feeling excited about going somewhere new…

Then it was time to go. We jumped in the taxis, unsure what to expect from the morning trip. We still hadn’t been told what to expect!

About 15 minutes later, we arrived outside a building, which looked a bit like a factory. It was a large building, with a sign saying ‘Children’s Scrapstore’

Then we saw Aggie from Jacari, looking happy as usual! At that point, we saw our Jacari tutor Katie cycling into the car park on a cool-looking bike.

Finally, we made it into the building and met the lady who was leading the workshop. She was friendly and explained to us what we were going to do.

She then guided us into a large room, which looked like a warehouse. It was the first time we had seen a room that looked like that. We picked up lots of materials to make anything that we wanted.

There were lots of recycled materials to choose from, including colourful streamers, cardboard, lots of paper and card, and flowers to decorate. There were also loads of tiny materials like buttons, stickers and fake eyes.

Everyone took our baskets back to the main room to start creating. Everyone was thinking and trying to figure out what to create… we gave it a go, through experimenting with our materials, and gradually we got some ideas. We all liked using the glue guns, and decorating using glitter to make something completely unique.

Boy with handmade dog made of recycled materials
Tomas and the dog he made from recycled materials

One student, Tomas, made a dog, which was pretty cool! I (Maya) made a robot-man with hair made from colourful streamers and eyes made from buttons and cotton pads.

I (Maryam) made a garden-themed party decoration, covered in flowers and baubles and foam zig-zags. The lightbulb in the centre symbolised lightning and joy.

The workshop ended with taking pictures, and watching Tomas lead his dog around, looking very pleased with himself!

Thank you for inviting us on a lovely trip.

*pupils' names have been changed for privacy

Girl at table with scrapstore project she has made
Maryam and her garden-themed party decoration

Girl at table with scrapstore creation
Maya's robot man creation

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