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Jacari Stories: Deniz and Tamara

We love hearing from the stories of our pupils and volunteers on how Jacari has impacted them. We wanted to share Deniz's and his volunteer tutor Tamara's story.

Deniz is 9 years old and from Turkey. He arrived with a real need for Jacari's support. He has been meeting his Jacari tutor Tamara since January 2021. They meet at school and do lots of reading, flashcards, and phonics together. He loves drawing and making origami with his tutor.

Deniz says:

Tamara helps me a lot. When I am speaking, I often notice that I am using things that she has taught me. I am more confident now knowing what I want to say when I am speaking English with others. Tamara even helped me learn lines for the school play! My favourite thing about our sessions is when we do origami together.

Tamara says:

It is so great to see the progress he has made, it makes me very proud. He definitely is more confident with reading and writing. He speaks freely to me, and reads with much less hesitation and with much more confidence in his ability to say the correct thing. He is also less hard on himself when he makes a mistake and takes corrections on board well now as he knows he can do it.

I have noticed Deniz’s English, especially his reading ability has improved greatly. Initially he had difficulty sounding out the correct phonics, now he reads sight words easily without needing to sound out, and is able to sound out quite difficult new words. Volunteering gives me something to look forward to each week as it is always fun and rewarding!

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