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Jacari is grateful to work alongside individuals, groups, and organisations on initiatives across Oxford and Bristol as well as to receive generous support from corporate partners who contribute to the running of our programmes in various ways. 

In order to ensure that EAL children and young people living in Oxford and Bristol have access to and receive the best support possible, we not only offer our tutoring free of charge but we also collaborate with other likeminded organisations to reach as many pupils in need as possible, as well as provide them with a range of opportunities.
Recent examples of such collaboration range from: Jacari's taking pupils on an educational outing to a local art gallery; to organising forums of educational charities (including groups such as Schools Plus, FELLOW, Students4Students) to develop and share ideas about best practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Corporate partnerships with Jacari could take the form of choosing us as your charity of the year, sponsoring a particular aspect of our work (anything from stationery to a specific kids' event), payroll giving, or your staff completing sponsorship challenges. In return, we are able to offer advertising opportunities for those interested in reaching a student audience.

If you or an organisation you work with should be interested in collaborating with Jacari, please email us at or For a list of groups we have worked with recently, check out our Friends of Jacari page.
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