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Impact Report 2022-23

Group of children and young people holding letters that spell "Jacari"

We are delighted to share with you our 2022-23 impact report. The report includes figures about our pupils, and the impact of Jacari support on their language skills and confidence, as well as the positive relationship formed between volunteers and their pupils. There are also lots of quotes from pupils, parents, volunteers and school contacts, plus three wonderful case studies.

Highlights from our impact report:

  • We supported 184 children and young people during the 2022-23 year – an increase of 20% since 2021-22

  • We’ve trained and supported 169 amazing volunteers

  • We’ve provided 2208 hours of bespoke tuition this year – an increase of 25% since 2021-22

  • We held 11 fun kids’ events and trips enjoyed by over 300 attendees

  • 100% of parents surveyed said the lessons had helped their child’s English and confidence improve

  • 100% of teachers said that they would recommend Jacari to a parent and to another school

  • 94% of pupils surveyed said they enjoyed their Jacari lessons

We hope you enjoy reading about the impact of our work.

Are you inspired by what you've read in our impact report?

We have ambitious plans to expand our programmes in the 2023-24 academic year and reach even more children and young people who use English as an additional language in Bristol and Oxford. If you are inspired to support us deliver these ambitions, we hope you will consider signing up to become one of our Jacari Champions by setting up a regular donation.

All donations are being match-funded in 2023 by a generous donor so your donation will go twice as far.

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