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Research into young people with EAL

In 2023 we commissioned Dr Andrea Macrae of Oxford Brookes University to conduct research on children and young people who use English as an additional language (EAL). We wanted to bring together the academic literature and reports that relate to the young people Jacari supports so we can better understand their needs and the impact of our support.

We asked Dr Macrae to look at the following questions:

1. What challenges are faced by children and young people learning EAL in the UK, and in particular by those who are newly arrived to the UK?

2. How many children and young people face these challenges today in the UK as a whole?

3. What is currently being done, and by whom, to address the challenges EAL pupils / newly-arrived pupils face, and to support these young people while facing these challenges?

4. What works best, why, and how, in directly addressing these challenges and in supporting these young people while they experience these challenges? In particular, what is the evidence for the likely impact of the type of support offered by Jacari with respect to English language proficiency, attainment, aspirations, confidence, and other factors?

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